On August 24, 2021, in response to the Missoula County School Boards voting to implement a mask mandate in the area schools and thus deny a parent’s right to make medical decisions for their child, Stand Up Montana and a number of parents filed a civil action against the Missoula County School Boards to seek a temporary restraining order, a preliminary injunction and a permanent injunction against Defendants’ mandatory masking rules implemented in their schools.


In light of the Bozeman school board meeting on Monday August 23, 2021, during which the board voted 7-1 in favor of masks, we are also preparing to file in Gallatin County against the Bozeman School Board. The suit in Bozeman will be filed on Wednesday, September 1.

There is also a suit being filed in Billings. Please email us at standupmt@protonmail.org for information on joining this suit.

To join the suit as a Stand Up Montana Member Plaintiff become a member and donate any amount at the link below or by sending a check to: Stand Up Montana, 280 W Kagy Blvd Ste D #119 Bozeman, MT 59715. You can also donate directly to our attorney’s trust account for this case.

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Missoula County Lawsuit Updates

Read The Suit | Expert Witness Declaration

Gallatin County Lawsuit Updates

Read The Suit | Expert Witness Declaration

October 5 – Preliminary Injunction Hearing. Expecting a ruling week of October 11.

October 20 – Ruling on the Preliminary Injunction – the injunction was DENIED.