Are your children attending school in a district that is currently mandating masks? Please email your school board trustees and ask them to provide the data and supporting evidence that brought them to the decision to mandate masks. Below are examples of talking points, but please make your message personal! Trustee addresses for Monforton and BSD7 are included below.


Dear Board of Trustees,

I’m writing to voice my concern and disagreement for [PLEASE PUT IN YOUR OWN WORDS WHY YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT FORCED MASK WEARING, I.E. THE LITERATURE IS INCONCLUSIVE ON THE EFFECTIVENESS, MOUNTING EVIDENCE ON THE INEFFECTIVENESS, YOUR CHILD IS SUFFERING FROM X,Y,Z, etc.]. I would also like to request the data and supporting evidence that the district used to come to the decision that masking should be mandatory in our schools.


In Gallatin County, as of 11/12/21, the percentage of COVID-19 outbreaks in public schools with mask mandates was HIGHER than those in mask-optional public schools. This can be found on the Gallatin County Department of Health’s website here:

Mandating children to wear face masks risks psychological injuries and hinders development.

Face masks are dangerous for children with preexisting medical conditions and disabilities.

Masks raise carbon dioxide levels in the blood.

Masks lower children’s oxygen levels in the blood

Bacteria found in face masks are toxic for children.

Lowering arterial oxygen suppresses the immune system.

Masks collect and colonize viruses, bacteria, microbes and mold

CLOSE WITH SOMETHING LIKE THE FOLLOWING, BUT IN YOUR OWN WORDS: I’d like to review the criterium you used when determining that mandating the wearing of masks was the right move for our children. Simply saying that you’re following the CDC guidelines, given how politically vulnerable the CDC is right now, is not sufficient. Please provide the hard evidence you reviewed when deciding to force our children to wear masks.



Articles to reference:

Masks harm kids:

Kids don’t spread COVID:

School Board Members Email Addresses:


Amy Free, Chair |

John-Henry Anderson, Vice Chair |

Tara Gray |

Sarah Baumgartner |

Brett Megaard |